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Kantha Mulberry Silk


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Kantha Mulberry Silk

The alluring Kantha weave traditionally used in sarees now in the form of scarf in pure mulberry silk.

Classic and beautiful red color woven in the villages of Bengal. Pure handwoven scarf in mulberry silk threads with Kantha weave to further embellish this handwoven piece. Bring it home and you are surely going to treasure.

Measurement - 70 X 30 inches

Care - Woven in natural delicate threads, this product should only be drycleaned for preservation. 

Disclaimer - This is a purely handmade product. The aberrations and imperfections in the weave give it character and uniqueness. This is not a mass-produced garment but is a labor of love and by using this we preserve an art form. These pieces are woven in villages of India and you are lending a living to these artisans. The colors in the pictures are very close to the true colors but may not be 100 per cent similar.

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