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Pashmina Stole in Multi Color Stripes


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Pashmina Stole in Multi Color Stripes

Pure pashmina handwoven stole - The delicate pashmina threads woven into scarves/mufflers. Just so right to keep yourself veŕy warm with delicate soft feel next to your skin.

Measurement - 82 X 29 inches

Care - Woven in natural delicate threads, this product should only be drycleaned for preservation. 

Disclaimer - This is a purely handmade product. The aberrations and imperfections in the weave give it character and uniqueness. This is not a mass-produced garment but is a labor of love and by using this we preserve an art form. These pieces are woven in villages of India and you are lending a living to these artisans. The colors in the pictures are very close to the true colours but may not be 100 per cent similar. 

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